The Doves have been discussing their forthcoming album, which they claim has German and country influences.

SOME CITIES, the band's last album, was released back in 2005, with frontman Jimi Goodwin saying they have been working on the follow-up ever since.

They recently played comeback gig in celebration of Heavenly Records at the Royal Festival Hall on Friday 12 September - their first gig in over two years.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Goodwin said some of the new material they showcased at the gig would make it on to the new album.

"Of the new songs we played they're defo contenders. We played a song called Winter Hill which is sort of country-ish, Jetstream with Jez singing is quite different for us and it’s quite teutonic, driven, 70s sort of German, very atmospheric.

"And there's Kingdom of Rust which is like super country, it's got a shuffle back beat and I’m really proud of that one, I think it's a really strong song."

According to the singer, the new album is schedule for release in spring next year.

19/09/2008 13:29:43