British rockers Doves have vowed to stay sober for their upcoming set at legendary U.K. music festival Glastonbury - because their party antics have ruined their performances in the past.
The band is due to play at the event over the weekend (27-28Jun09), but frontman Jez Williams insists he will not be touching booze until after the big gig because he doesn't want to spoil the moment with drunken behaviour or health issues.
He says, "In our twenties we just went for it. But the older you get, you realise you can't drink like you used to. It's a balance now.
"We had a bit of a party in New York (recently) and due to that I lost my voice in Philadelphia. That taught me a lesson. We're really looking forward to (playing at Glastonbury)."
But Williams was devastated to learn the band will take the stage at the same time as legendary musician Neil Young - meaning he will miss out on seeing his hero perform.
He adds, "We're all big Neil Young fans so when we heard we were up against him we were like, 'Oh God, no!' If we were playing before or after him we would definitely be checking him out."