The Doors drummer John Densmore has snubbed $20 million (GBP11 million) in offers to use the group's legendary music for advertising, out of respect for late frontman JIM MORRISON - a move which reportedly angers his former bandmates.

Densmore's relationship with surviving members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek is already stormy after he recently took them to court when they attempted to use the name THE DOORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

But his decision to veto the use of their iconic music to sell products is putting relations under further strain, as Densmore refuses to cheapen their image.

He says, "People lost their virginity to this music, got high for the first time to this music. On stage when we played these songs, they felt mysterious and magic. That's not for rent."

Densmore has still not forgiven himself for agreeing to allow RIDERS ON THE STORM to be used by the Pirelli tyre company in the 1970s.

He adds, "I gave every cent to charity, Jim's ghost was in my ear, and I felt terrible. If I needed proof that it was the wrong thing to do, that was it."

Jim Morrison died in 1971 of a suspected heart attack at the age of 27.