An effort to pardon late The Doors rocker Jim Morrison on 41-year-old indecency charges in Florida looks set to be approved in time for Christmas (10) after state Governor CHARLIE CRIST agreed to lead the vote.
Morrison was arrested in Miami for indecent exposure at a 1969 concert, but Governor Crist insists it's time for lawmakers to forgive and forget.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "After reviewing the case and getting briefed on it, it seems like a real injustice was done. It seemed to me that it would be a tragedy to have this be the lasting legacy of his life. I just wanted to give an opportunity for forgiveness."
The pardon will go through after a formal clemency meeting on 9 December (10). Crist does not expect any opposition.
He adds, "I used to be attorney general and my predecessor taught me that it's very important to prosecute the guilty, but it may even be more important to exonerate the innocent."
The pardon will be one of Crist's final acts as Florida Governor - his term expires on 4 January (11).