A Connecticut, America, journalist has joined forces with The Doors' fanclub to try and find the mystery woman who sparked a riot at the group's NEW HAVEN ARENA show in 1967.

Described simply as "an 18-year-old Southern Connecticut State College coed" in accounts of the night, the mystery girl was "necking" with Doors singer Jim Morrison backstage in a shower room before the show when a policeman walked in on them, mistook the rocker for a fan and sprayed mace in his face when he refused to move on.

The girl's identity has never been revealed and, despite an exhaustive search by NEW HAVEN REGISTER writer RANDALL BEACH, she remains a mystery.

Beach has now teamed up with Internet fansite DOORS COLLECTORS MAGAZINE in a bid to track the girl who captured Morrison's heart in Connecticut.

Beach says, "My mission is to talk to her, to find out what she remembers of that nutty night, what it was like necking

with a rock icon."

The New Haven show has become part of The Doors legend, because Morrison told the crowd of his encounter with a local cop, prompting the audience to become restless and the authorities to end the show early and arrest the rocker on charges of breaching the peace, resisting arrest and performing an indecent and immoral exhibition.

16/09/2003 21:14