The Distillers are in danger of splitting up after bassist RYAN SINN has become the second member to quit this year (05).

Sinn is delighted to have left the Los Angeles-based band, of which he was lately "disgusted" to be a part of.

Drummer ANDY GRANELLI left the BRODY DALLE-fronted rockers in February.

Announcing his departure on his website, Sinn says, "Well, I'm no longer part of the life I knew so recently.

"The Distillers are no more and it feels like a weight has been lifted.

"However, I'll never get rid of the disgust inside from it all."

But the band's management insists The Distillers will continue working on the follow-up to their 2003 album CORAL FANG, and will look to replace the departed members: "The band is not breaking up but there's been a little movement of the members (both loss and gain).

"Brody is working on the new album and the band still exists."