Heavy rock outfit The Deftones have been forced to radically rethink their musical output - because they didn't want to become just another nu-metal band.

The Californian MINERVA musicians - who formed in 1989 - admit to once feeling jealous of their mega-successful contemporaries such as Limp Bizkit, but are ultimately pleased they didn't have to face the pitfalls of fame and conform to the generic sound of modern metal.

Singer CHINO MORENO explains, "We are much more aware of what we do as a band these days, and we're very aware of that nu-metal thing.

"Sometimes it did p*** me off that these bands seemed to be stealing our thunder, selling millions of albums in no time at all. But I knew that I didn't want to be a part of all that, because I knew the dangers that came with it."

01/07/2003 17:25