Former Hollywood movie-maker DAVID ANDERSON has been sentenced to seven and a half years behind bars for "depraved" sex acts on young girls. The 65-year-old director, who worked on FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and The Deer Hunter, was in England's Gloucester Crown Court yesterday (21AUG06) to hear his fate. He fled his trial last year (05) on the third day, but the jury continued to convict him of eleven counts of indecent assault and gross indecency in his absence. Anderson was recaptured two months ago (JUN06) in Dublin, Ireland. Judge JAMIE TABOR QC slammed Anderson's filming of sex acts with young drug addicts in his UK flat as "simply unacceptable." He said, "You are a man of previous good character and a film director of some repute. But you met exceptionally vulnerable people and exploited them. "You acted in a truly depraved way and one of the great worries in this case is that you do not appear to accept the harm you have done." Anderson maintained the filming was "research" for a planned porn movie.