A Qatari investment group have acquired a stake in Anya Hindmarch.

The label's founder will still hold the title of chairman and chief creative officer but The Deal - which saw The Fashion brand valued at £30 million - marks the ''next step in a series of initiatives planned to accelerate the company's growth'', a statement released this morning (06.08.12) confirmed.

The label has been steadily expanding over the last year, with a spate of new faces hired.

In January, Burberry's Valerie Young was made executive director of merchandising.

In May 2011, the company appointed their first ever outside CEO, taking on James McArthur, who had previously held the same position at Balenciaga.

Speaking about James' appointment, Anya said at the time: ''I have always known that when the business achieved a certain scale I would want to bring in outside expertise to help take us to the next level.

''We have great ambitions for the Anya Hindmarch brand and this is the right time to strengthen senior management. James' combination of deep luxury goods experience and strategic and financial background is ideal for us.''

Paul Quenson was announced as executive director of design late last year.