The Dead Weather star Alison Mosshart dreads the summer festival season - because she hates playing gigs in the sun.
The rocker, who also fronts The Kills, insists she much prefers playing concerts in dark nightclubs and struggles to cope with performing on an outdoor stage.
Mosshart tells, "Festivals are hard for me. I think the daytime is ugly. I don't want to look out and see a rainbow of sunburns. It's not very rock 'n' roll. The whole time I was growing up in Florida I was waiting to be old enough to move to London and never have to think about the sun.
"Whenever we play festivals, we end up having a good show and the crowds have a good time, but I'm not an outdoors person... People are getting something out of these things that I just don't get.
"Back in my early 20s, it was incredibly exciting to hang around the festivals after I played... (but now) if I had my choice, I would never play a show outside ever again."