The Dave Matthews Band pictured without a stage beneath their feet - it just doesn't look right does it? Sure they need to be in the studio in order to create the music that enables them to get out on the road, but think of them these days and you think playing live to millions worldwide, endless schedules and saggy eyes fighting off jet lag. That's what the statistics would suggest too with Billboard reporting that the group sold more live tickets than anyone else in the first decade of this century, notching up some 11.2 million ticket sales between 2000 and 2009, with the last tour of the US alone in 2010 selling more than 1 million and grossing the band an estimated $61.2 million.
Not too shabby all things considered, and with that in mind, it will have been a shock for the Matthews faithful when the band announced they were going to take 2011 off to do . well, who knows what they do when they're not rocking gently out, heads nodding in humble contentment in front of thousands of equally placid fans.
True to their word though they're back in 2012 and have just announced a slew of tour dates, starting on May 18th at Woodlands in Texas and rocking right on through until September 9th in California having completed around 40 shows by that point. Ah, boys, you're back.