The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins is out to show fans a good time - and insists he's no "novelty act".

The Spandex-clad falsetto-singing Brit has had music pundits in a flap as they try to figure out whether his retro antics are an elaborate joke or a true injection of energy into rock'n'roll.

And Hawkins insists it's the latter - he's is out to revitalise a tired genre and save rock fans from introspective bands like Coldplay and Radiohead.

He says, "We are not some novelty act or tribute band. We don't spend our time on the bus reading rock biographies and we haven't decided that the whole misogynistic cliche of rock'n'roll excess is the way to run our lives.

"Guitar music has become so isolating and angst-ridden. Like anyone cares about your angst.

"Our music is inclusive. People come and see us and they have a really good time. We put something fun and exciting back, you can see it in their faces."

And bassist Frankie Poullain agrees, saying concisely, "We are the revolution and have been sent to pull rock from its own a***hole."

22/09/2003 21:19