British rocker The Darkness have dented their burgeoning popularity in America by walking out of a leading radio show in disgust.

The jokey fourpiece had been booked to appear on problem-solving show LOVELINE, but the band appeared unaware of the nature of the show, and dramatically left after a teary woman listener rang in to say she had been sexually abused as a youngster.

A source says, "They said something like, 'We're not here to deal with this kind of thing,' and then just walked away.

"The call was shocking to say the least, but no one knew what to do when The Darkness left."

Co-host Adam Carolla commented, "They had just come back from filming JAY LENO's TV show. They'd had a couple of drinks, were all wound up and didn't want to stay here for two hours."

26/04/2004 14:07