Rockers The Darkness have blasted record company bosses for releasing their single LOVE IS ONLY A FEELING without their consent.

The British band believe their laziness is to blame for allowing others to wrestle control from them - a lesson they insist has taught them to become a more focused unit.

Guitarist DAN HAWKINS says, "At the beginning the only way to get us out of our bunks was to bring us bacon rolls and coffee.

"And when you get to that point you end up at a real low ebb mentally and you end up letting other people make bad decisions on your behalf, like releasing singles that you don't want to release."

Singer Justin Hawkins adds, "We didn't want to put Love Is Only A Feeling out at all. That decision was made for us. From now on we're doing things our way. You learn from your mistakes."

25/08/2004 17:24