Rockers The Darkness have slammed the tune that's rivalling their bid for the British Christmas number one single, labelling it "not very Christmassy".

The catsuit-clad band's CHRISTMAS TIME (DON'T LET THE BELLS END) is currently ahead of Michael Andrews and Gary Jules' gloomy track Mad World in the race to top the pop charts on Sunday (22DEC03), but singer Justin Hawkins can't understand why the record buying public would vote a song "about dying" this year's festive anthem.

He says, "Today I realise for the first time that we really need to be number one. The main thing is that our song should be the soundtrack for Christmas.

"(Mad World) is a great song but how Christmassy is it? Not very is the answer, not very Christmassy at all.

"Dreams about dying, who wants to hear about dying at Christmas? Obviously all those people who have bought it. But they should buy it next week and buy ours this week."

19/12/2003 16:51