Rock band The Darkness' reunion isn't exactly a harmonious one - frontman Justin Hawkins reveals the bandmates still "hate each other".
The I Believe in a Thing Called Love hitmakers reformed last year (11) to perform at Britain's Download Festival and have since started work on a new album.
They are touring the globe again this summer (12), but the singer admits he and his bandmates don't always get along - and that's a good thing.
He says, "That's why we make great music. You can't make fire without friction. Well, maybe you can, but it's like a chemical fire which would tear your skin off."
But Hawkins admits that relations in the band are much better than they were when The Darkness split in 2006.
He tells, "Time is a great healer. As is sobriety. It's the old, 'What were we actually angry about in the first place?' When you're small town guys that become a big-time band, you lose sight of a lot of stuff.
"When we first sat down together again, it was like, 'Yeah, this is nice.' So maybe that's true. But the mending process has been going on for years and years."