The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins is hoping TV bosses will give him his broadcasting break as the presenter of a darts show he's dreamt up.

The GROWING ON ME rocker is such a fan of the indoor game - which is especially popular in Britain and the Netherlands - he devised the idea of 15 celebrities battling it out against 15 darts professionals.

Hawkins hopes the show will come to life but has his doubts whether it would be a ratings winner.

He says, "It will be called FAME ON - as in the 'game on' shout at the start of every darts match.

"I'm talking to various darts pros and we'll get it made before the end of the year (05). It will be a pro-am tournament.

"I'm not sure if the idea will take off and make me a fortune like THE Weakest Link."

18/04/2005 09:24