Former The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins accepts he is exposing himself to ridicule in front of a TV audience of 300 million by entering the Eurovision Song Contest. Hawkins, who quit the band last year (06), will join ex-East 17 singer Brian Harvey and ex-Atomic Kitten star LIZ MCCLARNON in a televised sing-off next month (APR07), in which TV viewers will choose which act will go onto perform at the critically-ridiculed contest. The falsetto-voiced rocker is favourite to win the support of UK voters and go on to represent the nation in the final in Helsinki, Finland, in May (07). But Hawkins claims he has not entered the contest in a bid to revive his flagging career and is not out to earn the respect of other musicians. He says, "I don't anticipate gleaning any respect or anything. "What on earth could I possibly hope to achieve by being the object of ridicule for millions of people? Everything I do is almost trying to hammer home the point that I don't care." The rocker, who will perform with fellow singer BEVERLEI BROWN, is even considering resurrecting his trademark lycra catsuit if the pair make it through to the finals: "It will give me another couple of months to try and shed my puppy fat - more like middle-aged man fat."