The Darkness brothers JUSTIN and DAN HAWKINS struggled to get on before forming the band, because Justin was "a geek" and Dan was "too cool".

Singer/guitarist Justin was surprised when his hip younger brother wanted to be in his band, as they had always struggled to find common ground on which to build a strong relationship.

And the talented siblings now realise their differences are complimentary and combine harmoniously in the recording studio and on tour.

Justin, 30, says, "Before this band, Dan and I couldn't see eye to eye over anything.

"I was a bit of a geeky rocker. Dan's always had a bit more of a 'coolness' about him.

"He probably had no desire to be in a band with me because I was such a t**t.

"I think those are the same reasons it's working so well now, but in the past, we couldn't even communicate."