The Darkness brothers JUSTIN and Dan Hawkins are bravely facing the prospect of developing arthritis - because the genetic disease hangs over their family.

Singer Justin and guitarist Dan's mother and sister already have the painful condition and it's feared the two brothers are next in line.

Justin says, "It's genetic, so I suppose my fingers could seize up. It wouldn't be a strong look - a catsuit and a wheelchair.

"I also have friends with rheumatoid arthritis and it's a crippling, degenerative condition and a real pain in the a***.

"But the threat of the disease, or discovering I had it, won't stop me and won't keep me down."

The Darkness have put their weight behind British charity ARTHRITIS RESEARCH CAMPAIGN, which is raising money to find a cure.

The group has signed a guitar as a prize and hope the money raised will help relieve the pain of thousands across the UK.

27/08/2004 14:17