Shock rockers The Darkness are determined to make it big in America - because people there still understand their brand of "classic rock" music.

The British foursome are convinced they'll be a huge hit in the country that embraced flamboyant acts like Poison, Whitesnake and Queen, and bassist Frankie Poullain insists they'll do it through their music - rather than date a celebrity like Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

He says, "Because of my handlebar moustache and (singer) JUSTIN's catsuit, in the UK I'm seen as gay and the band are meant to be camp. But in America they think I'm hard and immediately give me respect and a wide berth.

"It's really taking off in America. Those chaps from the Mid-West with their cut-off lumberjack shirts never stopped loving classic rock.

"It took COLDPLAY a year to break America and their second album, but we don't want to do it their way and have a Hollywood actress as a girlfriend. It's sad and we don't need it.

"We want our music to speak for us and we do things with a bit of a twist - and I don't mean I'll date Keanu Reeves instead."

04/12/2003 13:46