Two British aristocrats are battling to provide a venue for glam rockers The Darkness's first ever gig in their native Suffolk.

The EARL OF STRADBROKE's son HEKTOR ROUS and LORD SOMERLEYTON's son HUGH CROSSLEY are both desperate for the I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE hitmakers to perform on their country estates.

Rous claims he has been in "promising" talks with the band's management, saying, "The summer would be the perfect time, but it really depends on the band's schedule. I just like The Darkness' style."

However a spokesman for Crossley says, "We truly wish for The Darkness to come home to Lowestoft and do a homecoming gig - that would be fantastic."

The group - JUSTIN and Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain and ED GRAHAM - have not played a concert in their home town since their meteoric rise to fame last year (03).

Their management say they are yet to confirm plans for 2005.

19/12/2004 11:17