Rapper 50 CENT has had his face emblazoned on a racing car.

The IN DA CLUB star is sponsoring driver STEVE HODBAY's racecar at an upcoming Days of Thunder meeting at the ROCKINGHAM RACEWAY in Northamptonshire, England.

And Hobday decided to thank 50 by plastering his image across the bonnet of his car.

The motor will take to the track on 6 June (04), but 50 Cent's car will have celebrity competition - Hodbay's rival SHAUN RICHARDSON's car will be sponsored by rockers The Darkness.

50 Cent and G-Unit will also headline a musical event, which will take place after the race.

Hobday says, "This is fantastic news. The whole team are really excited about running on sixth June with 50 Cent on the car. 50 is a big fan of NASCAR and this style of racing, and I'm sure we'll give him something to cheer about before he goes out on the Rockingham stage."

25/05/2004 09:13