LATEST: Top U.S. late night chat shows THE TONIGHT SHOW, The Daily Show and The Late Show have become the first big victims of the Hollywood writer's strike. Producers of the three programmes scrapped plans to air on Monday night (05Nov07) as the walk-out kicked off, following a weekend (03/04Nov07) of desperate talks to halt the strike. The Tonight Show host Jay Leno briefly joined the picket line outside the NBC studios in Burbank, California - where his show is taped - after network bosses announced the show would immediately go into reruns. David Letterman's The Late Show will also run a series of repeats this week, as will The Daily Show and a series of daytime chat and talk shows. The strike started on a noise note as picketing writers began chanting noisily outside CBS and Paramount Studios in Hollywood early on Monday morning (05Nov07). Those organised outside Paramount wore red strike T-shirts and carried signs reading, "Writers Guild Of America On Strike."