Props used in Hollywood film The Da Vinci Code are being auctioned to raise money for Lincoln Cathedral.

The building was used to film the Westminster Abbey scenes in the 2005 Tom Hanks movie.

Westminster Abbey controversially refused to allow the cast of the hit film, which included Paul Bettany and AUDREY TAUTU, access to record the final few scenes as it deemed the book "theologically unsound".

Among the items up for sale will be 43 wall hangings based on abbey frescos and a number of polystyrene monuments based on tombs found in Westminster Abbey.

Since the film crew left, the props have been used in a display about the film and Dan Brown's original book.

Sally Crawford, fundraising officer for the cathedral, said that she is unsure how much the sale will make.

It is thought that it made £100,000 when it was used as the film's location.

The Lincolnshire landmark reprised its role as the London-based abbey for the 2007 film THE YOUNG VICTORIA.

TOM HANKS has returned to his role of Robert Langdon to star in the big screen adaptation of another of Brown's books- ANGELS AND DEMONS.

Production of the film has been halted by the Hollywood writers' strike.

30/01/2008 12:10:48