The Da Vinci Code - the controversial movie adaptation of Dan Brown's bestseller - has been hailed a Hollywood saviour, after rescuing the US box office from dwindling takings. Despite being critically panned, and banned in many countries for its unorthodox look at the life of Jesus Christ, the Tom Hanks-starring film saw the second biggest movie opening in history on its release earlier this year (06), taking in $231.8 million (GBP128.8 million). It has since raked in $703.5 million (GBP390.8 million) around the globe, currently making it the 22nd most commercially successful film of all time. The Da Vinci Code's staggering popularity has sparked a rejuvenation in Hollywood sales, with box office takings up 3.9 per cent on the same period last year (05). Economists had predicted a bleak future for Tinseltown takings before the cryptology caper hit theatres, after recording a steep decline in cinema-going.