The Cure ignored a midnight curfew as they brought the Coachella Festival in California, it has been revealed.

Ignoring requests to wrap up their set, the band had the plug pulled on them during BOYS DON'T CRY, but still carried on playing, the NME reported.

Responding to a request to bring the gig to an end, singer Robert Smith, said: "They say we can only play one more song - are we f***."

Despite the fact the last few songs had to be played acoustically, the band soldiered on, with the remaining audience members crowding around the stage to hear the last of the set unamplified.

The group played 32 songs in what was a three-hour long gig, and the end of the concert took place even though the organisers had turned the field lights up.

As well as material from their latest album, the band rolled out a number of classics including PICTURES OF YOU, IN BETWEEN DAYS and JUST LIKE HEAVEN.

Onlookers stated that despite the length of the set, Smith's energy and that of his band did not seem to drop throughout the entire headlining slot.

Earlier this year, The Cure was given the Godlike Genius Award by the NME.

Frontman Smith picked up the award from film director Tim Burton, although the pair did not confirm whether or not they share the same hair dresser.

However, Burton did reveal that the music of The Cure had helped inspire him and saved him when he was "f****** depressed".

Accepting the award, Smith thanked his band mates for staying with him for 33 years.

He also praised the fans for buying the group's records and coming to gigs.

"If you've had half as much fun as we have it's been worth it," Smith told the audience.

21/04/2009 11:24:08