The Cure frontman Robert Smith has refused to deny reports he plans to work with pop star Ashlee Simpson, but admits a collaboration is unlikely to take place this year (07). In April (07), the pair was reported to be working together to create a new sound for the follow-up to Simpson's debut album I Am Me, after meeting in London in 2006 when the 22-year-old was performing in West End musical Chicago. However, Smith claims a collaboration is far from definite. He tells website, "I would be hugely surprised if I end up working with Ashlee this year, but I haven't ruled it out. "I went to see her in Chicago. We have people we both know, and I have some nephews and nieces who think she's really good. I was impressed. The fact is, when she got on stage and sang, she was really good." He adds, "It was staggering the amount of coverage that (the news of their possible collaboration) got. "I was encouraged to issue a denial, but I thought, 'Why?' I don't deny anything. I don't see the point. I've worked with lots of different people down the years."