The Cure rocker Robert Smith has blasted Radiohead for letting fans choose how much to pay for their last album - insisting the concept devalues music.
Radiohead started a new trend in 2007 when they released In Rainbows online, inviting buyers to pay as much as they could afford for the disc.
A number of other bands have followed suit - but Smith insists it's an "idiotic" concept.
He explains, "The Radiohead experiment of paying what you want - I disagreed violently with that. You can't allow other people to put a price on what you do, otherwise you don't consider what you do to have any value at all, and that's nonsense.
"If I put a value on my music and no one's prepared to pay that, then more fool me, but the idea that the value is created by the consumer is an idiot plan, it can't work."