The Cult frontman Ian Astbury has formed a new acoustic band, called THE SOFT REVOLT.
The She Sells Sanctuary hitmaker insists his new covers act doesn't mean the end of The Cult - it just allows him the chance to perform his favourite tunes in between shows and recording schedules.
He tells, "We're really a shop front, a guerrilla-styled acoustic incarnation. It's not like a fully-blown production, with a four-piece band and lights. It's really just acoustic guitars, every now and then we'll bring an amp.
"It's just a floating group of musicians, whoever's around at the time. We'll play seven to nine songs, whatever we want to play, we might play a Television song, a Led Zeppelin song, Patti Smith, Bowie, Doors songs, Cult songs, whatever we feel like playing."
The Soft Revolt will play their second show at the Bowery Electric in New York on 12 June (09) to help raise cash for an upcoming theatrical production at the club.