The Cult frontman Ian Astbury has hit out at claims he announced the band would be supporting Led Zeppelin on tour - blaming a noisy concert audience and creative journalists for the false rumour.
Astbury was reported to have told the audience at a gig in Cincinnati, Ohio in November (07) that the band would be joining rock legends Led Zeppelin on a yet-to-be-confirmed reunion tour.
The news prompted a flurry of speculation and was seen as confirmation Led Zeppelin were hitting the road, following a one-off London gig the Stairway to Heaven stars performed in December (07).
But Astbury insists he made no such announcement - he simply remarked to the crowd, "Wouldn't it be great if The Cult could tour with them?"
He says, "The only reason I said it is because I'd read about them playing at the (reunion) concert. I didn't think anything of it beyond that. It really goes to show you how naive people are, and how these things can get blown out of proportion. It's been embellished by journalists."