The Crystal Method


Legion Of Boom 6.1-Channel Surround Sound DVD-A

Created in a bomb shelter turned state-of-the-art recording studio, Legion Of Boom (DTS-1116) is the most recent release from duo Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, aka The Crystal Method. Further entrenching the group as one of the country's finest producers of dance music made for rock & roll people, Legion Of Boom features collaborations with Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, John Garcia of desert rock band Kyuss, Bay area poet Hanifah Walidah, DJ Swamp and many more.

The surround DVD-A from DTSE is packed with extras, including:

Exclusive surround re-mixes of all 12 Legion Of Boom tracks

Bonus tracks: Two exclusive surround re-mixes of Born Too Slow

DTS ES 6.1-channel for DVD-Video players

Born Too Slow music video in DTS-ES

Director's cut of Born Too Slow video in DTS-ES

The Making Of Legion Of Boom featurette in DTS-ES

Special Mix Breakdown of True Grit track

On-screen biography and live photo gallery

It was a true joy working with The Crystal Method to create this title, said Jeff Skillen, Vice President of DTS Entertainment. Ken and Scott are great advocates of surround sound, and really recognize how the technology can enhance all genres of music.

Since Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland left their native Las Vegas and started releasing indie 12 singles in the mid-nineties, The Crystal Method's bass-fortified, hard-rolling concoctions have marked them out as leaders of the American dance scene. Vegas , their 1997 major label debut, melded pounding beats with hard rock dynamics, but the most distinctive sound it made was that of ground being broken. Having spent years on the road playing just about every club and festival, and licensing their music out to everything from video games to major movie blockbusters The Crystal Method returned to record shelves in 2001 with Tweekend , which saw the duo collaborating with heavyweights like Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello and Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. In no time, The Crystal Method sold 1.5 million albums and became America's number one electronic band.

Instead of rushing back to the studio, however, the group prepared for their next release, Legion Of Boom , by getting back to their roots. Jordan and Kirkland returned to the clubs for a series of DJ dates, put together their first mix album, Community Service , and tried out some of their ideas on live audiences at every opportunity. By the time the basic tracks for Legion Of Boom were laid down in January 2003, the music once again sounded exactly like The Crystal Method, and no one else. Spontaneous, defiant, intense, loud and occasionally insane, Legion Of Boom was released in January 2004 on V2 Records. For more information, go to

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