The Crying Game's pivotal penis scene has topped a new movie poll of shocking moments.

The scene in question, where Stephen Rea's character is confronted by the naked truth that the dancer he's in love with is a man (Jaye Davidson), beat scenes in 1931 classic THE PUBLIC ENEMY and ALIEN to top Premiere magazine's new The 25 Most Shocking Moments In Movie History list.

The top 10 is:

1. THE CRYING GAME (IRA member FERGUS confronts his 'girlfriend's' member) 2. THE PUBLIC ENEMY (The dead body of James Cagney's gangster character TOM POWERS is dumped on his family's doorstep) 3. ALIEN (Alien baby jumps out of John Hurt's stomach during a dinner scene) 4. PSYCHO (Vera Miles' character finds her sister's skeletal corpse in the basement of the Psycho house) 5. BONNIE + CLYDE (Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty's Bonnie + Clyde are ambushed and killed by police in the country) 6. Reservoir Dogs (Michael Madsen's MR BLONDE slices off a police officer's ear as he dances to STEELER'S WHEEL's STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU) 7. DELIVERANCE (Ned Beatty's character is anally raped by a hillbilly) 8. CARRIE (Title character's dead hand grabs Amy Irving from beyond the grave) 9. The Exorcist (Linda Blair's possessed REGAN repeatedly stabs herself in the crotch with a bloody crucifix)

10. Un Chien andalou (A woman's eye is sliced by a razor blade in the arty Salvador Dali/LUIS BUNUEL movie).