War Child and acclaimed British rock band The Crimea have teamed up for The Big Swap.

What is The Big Swap?

It’s simple.

We have something we want to swap; you have something you’d like to swap it for. You make us an offer, we trade with whoever leaves us with the best deal. Then, the process starts again - offers/trade/offers/trade - until we’re left with something that someone will pay one million pounds.

Why are we doing this?

On behalf of War Child, The Big Swap aims to raise one million pounds to cover costs of two years’ work in Iraq with children affected by the continued conflict.

How does it work?

We start with something of no real use or value – who really needs a decommissioned landmine, right? It’s significance, however, particularly in Iraq where it’s been a menace to children for years, is huge. Start with something evil: end with a lot of good.

If you take part in a trade, not only are you getting something cool for yourself, you’re helping the children of Iraq get something they REALLY need. Simple as.

If you’ve got something you want to swap for our decommissioned landmine then visit www.the-big-swap.com and hit the link that says ‘Make Us An Offer’ on the home page, tell us what you’ve got and (vaguely) where you’re from. Your offer will then be displayed next to all the others and, once we feel we’ve got something really worth trading for, we’ll do the deal.

What can be traded?

Literally anything. This is a venture based on a lot of trust, goodwill and a happy ending. All efforts to help us get there quickly and smoothly are greatly appreciated.

Official Site - http://www.the-big-swap.com