Large areas of the country were deluged over the Christmas holidays as Britain was battered by storms, forcing hundreds of residents to be evacuated and leaving many regions under water.

Several well-known music studios in Leeds, England were caught up in the chaos, and The Cribs are spearheading a campaign to bring in enough cash to save them.

Suburban Home Studio, Soundworks Studios and Blueberry Hill Studio have all been wrecked by flood water, and online fundraising pages have been set up to handle donations from music fans.

"Suburban Home studios in Leeds has suffered damages in the recent flooding. Please take time to read/donate if u can (sic)," a post on the band's page reads. "Also, @BlueberryHillUK studios were also hit by the floods - please help..."

A later post adds, "Sad to say that @SoundworksLeeds has also been hit hard by the floods. Good memories of recording Relevant/Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave there."