The Cribs don't understand why Lady GaGa is famous.

The indie rockers - consisting of brothers Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman and former The Smiths guitarist Johnny 'Jarman' Marr - have lashed out against the 'Poker Face' singer's self-promotion and claim they are not even sure whether she is male or female.

Ryan said: "I don't really care what gender it is, I know that I don't like it, it's just a product of something bad."

Gary added: "It's like the rats that carried the plague, it didn't matter what gender they were really, it's still a bad thing."

The British rockers are so confused by the eccentric pop star's image they are not even convinced she is a real person.

Johnny explained to "It's a bit like a virtual popstar isn't it, isn't it something like that?"

Gary quipped: "What is it?! What is Lady Gaga? I have been away so long in America I just don't know what it is?"