Ryan and Gary Jarman have opened up about their The Cribs bandmate Johnny Marr's decision to leave the band, revealing it was a "shock" when he first broke the news to them.
The former The Smiths star had been involved with the group since 2008, but he announced last month (11Apr11) that he was parting ways with the sibling trio, Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman.
Marr said in the announcement, "We ended up doing much more than we originally set out to and I've made three good friends."
Now the Jarmans have spoken of their reaction to the news, with Ryan telling Britain's NME, "Johnny spoke to Ross first. Ross called me saying, 'Johnny needs to speak to you, I'm not going to say what it is, but he needs to speak to you and it's serious.' I knew straight away that Johnny was leaving the band.
"He said he wanted to do The Healers again. It was still kind of a shock. I was upset because of the relationship. But at other times I've felt quite exhilarated by it, sometimes it's quite nice when you get the rug pulled out from under you or when you have intentions of making a decision - the decision is already made for you."
And Gary admits the band started to unravel after he was stuck in England following the Icelandic volcano which halted flights leaving Europe last year (10): "We were about to go to Coachella and I came out to rehearse. But the ash cloud occurred at that time - it was really traumatic because I got stuck in England, I couldn't get back to my wife or my house, and people were all talking about these Doomsday prophecies.
"But I started to get productive and we all decided we'd go into the studio. But... it was a difficult time. I was burned out and decided I wanted the band to take a bit of a break."