Review of You're Gonna Lose Us/ The Wrong Way To Be Single by The Cribs

The Cribs
You're Gonna Lose Us/ Wrong Way To Be
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The Cribs You're Gonna Lose Us/ The Wrong Way To Be Single

Sham 69 spirited bellowing sees the three Jarman brothers from Wakefield wrap up a wrath releasing impatient plea, in the first track of this AA sided exposure of their piercing sound. 'You're Gonna Lose Us' combines the gruff and uncompromising nature of The Libertines with the raw bewilderment of the new wave genre. Thus resulting in a self confidence bolstered rock out that is fired out via raucous football fan style chants, championing the underdog;

"When I'm drunk I can be an arsehole, but that don't mean I got no class though.
Why can't we have something going on?"

Things take on a maudlin direction to commence with in 'The Wrong Way To Be", featuring some gritty conversation styled lyrical waxing about turning your back on and pulling a moonie at; your beliefs. With the aid of a throbbing percussion element, this number encapsulates the no frills, get on with it nature of The Cribs that makes it a thrilling set ender at gigs. It also makes this trio all the more gripping for their ballsy approach to music making.

David Adair

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