The Craft star Robin Tunney was terrified of meeting Ben Affleck for the first time on the set of new movie HOLLYWOODLAND - because she felt sure he'd remember her worst audition ever. The actress, who plays the psychotic girlfriend of Affleck's character in the new murder mystery, once read with the Pearl Harbor star for a role in Good Will Hunting. The audition was a disaster and she left hoping never to see Affleck or pal Matt Damon again. She explains, "I woke up and they flew me to go and read with him and Matt (Damon). I had an outrageous break-out. I think I had 15 pimples on my face. I was sweating in the room and I really wanted the part and I couldn't remember my lines. "I showed up for the Hollywoodland audition and there he (Affleck) was again and my skin was clear. I said, 'This time, I'm not gonna screw this up,' so I got the part." But Tunney's nerves got the better of her when filming started - and she developed a bizarre case of stage fright: "I was so nervous the night before the table reading that I was throwing up. "I thought, 'I'm gonna go down to that table reading and they're gonna realise I'm the one person who hasn't been within 10 feet of an Academy Award. I've never even seen one in person. They're gonna find this out and say, 'OK let's get rid of her.'"