British rockers The Coral have rubbished claims they are in competition with fellow Liverpool band The Zutons.

The band, whose forthcoming third album THE INVISIBLE INVASION (23MAY05) is set to rock the charts, insist that The Zutons are no threat, because The Coral have been on the music scene far longer - and have a loyal following.

Singer JAMES SKELLY explains that even though the bands share a label - DELTASONIC - they have nothing to do with each other: "I don't have a problem with them but we're nothing to do with any of them, they came out after us. If people want to say things about us and The Zutons, just let them.

"They're a new band but we've been out there for a while, it's a completely different thing. They're in with the new bands, we're there with the bands we came out with, a lot of whom have split.

"The Strokes you never hear from and THE White Stripes are doing country albums, so I don't think we've got anything to do with anyone really."

18/03/2005 14:10