British rockers The Cooper Temple Clause are embroiled in bitter arguments over the tunes they're lining up for their new album.

The band - who are recording the long player at their own Berkshire, England, studio BLEAK HOUSE - have scrapped two songs, after a group member declared they were not good enough for the record, due for release in September (03).

Bassist DIDZ HAMMOND says, "We were compiling the album when one person suddenly said, 'I don't like this song, it's the worst one on the album,' and then someone else chipped in with, 'Actually I really like it - it's one of our strongest tracks'.

"Anyway, we all got involved and had a big argument about artistic direction and that kind of stuff."

While Didz claims no punches were thrown, he admitted that out of the band guitarist TOM BELLAMY is "particularly persuasive" but singer BEN GAUTREY "kicks his heels in most".

18/07/2003 17:25