The cast and crew of new movie The Constant Gardener were so overwhelmed by the poverty endured by their Kenyan hosts, they are doing everything they can to help tribespeople in the west African country.

The big screen adaptation of John Le Carre's confrontational novel was shot in the northern district of Kenya and producer Simon Channing-Williams has set up The Constant Gardener Trust to improve living conditions in the region.

Rachel Weisz, who stars alongside Ralph Fiennes in the acclaimed film, says, "I had never seen poverty like that. It was extreme and tragic, and I felt a wave of guilt being a wealthy, white westerner walking through those slums filming a movie.

"On the other hand, I was struck by the spirit of the children, who clamoured around us and welcomed us."

The trust is considering proposals to help build a secondary school in Loiyangalani, and has already provided fresh water tanks and a much-needed bridge in Kibera.

Channing-Williams, who was made an honourary tribal elder during his stay in Kenya, explains, "We asked people in both communities what would be of benefit to them most, and we built exactly what they asked.

"It's a small thank you for the huge welcome they gave us. Who knows, we may even get some money from the big drugs companies to build some health clinics too."