Steven Spielberg received severe criticism for toning down lesbian scenes in The Color Purple because fans of Alice Walker's novel felt they should have been more explicit.
The moviemaker admits he felt uncomfortable with the description of sex scenes between characters played by Whoopi Goldberg and Margaret Avery in the book, and chose to play the affair down in the film.
He insists Walker never appeared to have a problem with his decision, but some fans were livid.
The director tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "There were certain things in the relationship between Shug Avery and Celie that were finely detailed in Alice's book, that I didn't feel could get a (Pg-13) rating and I was shy about it.
"In that sense, perhaps I was the wrong director to acquit some of the more sexually honest encounters... I basically took something that was extremely erotic and very intentional, and I reduced it to a simple kiss. I got a lot of criticism for that."