The Civil Wars' singer Joy Williams is more scared of singing karaoke than her own songs to audiences of thousands.

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter is one half of alternative country duo with John Paul White and even though they have supported Adele and collaborated with Taylor Swift for a song for 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack, the star is still anxious when it comes to singing in front of her friends.

She said: ''I get more nervous singing karaoke, far more than my own shows.''

Joy also revealed her obsessive compulsive tendencies, confessing she is a ''recovering neat freak'' and has to undergo a strict ritual before writing songs.

She said: ''Before I write I have a ritual ... I have to organise something, my bedroom, my closet, my pantry.

''I believe in organising the outer me, to get the inner me ready to write.''

The duo are releasing their second, self titled, album this week, but last year cut a tour short amid rumours of problems between Joy and John Paul. They have since remained coy, but Joy says she deals with stress by having pedicures and cleaning.

She said: ''There have been times I've come home from a show and stayed up doing dishes in full make up and heels before I feel I could go to bed.''

'The Civil Wars' is out now.