The Civil Wars continued their rapid ascent in the US music scene after a storming set at the Bonnaroo Festival, in a performance that more than held its own against such big name headliners as Radiohead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, the duo who rose to prominence earlier this year by winning two Grammy Awards have a markedly different direction to go in next, with vocalist Joy Williams expecting a baby in just ten days' time.
"There's just no sweeter way to sort of bow-tie (the last 18 months) than with Bonnaroo," Williams told New York Daily News after the show. "It was so fun. And the baby was just kicking like crazy. I think all that noise from the crowd in between the songs, there was no time for napping in the tummy. And the adrenaline, as well. I'm sure kept the baby up. It's bittersweet, as well. I'm kind of emotional about it. I blame the hormones."
The fact that the pair put together a 75 minute performance is pretty impressive considering Williams advanced stage of pregnancy. She took some advice from father of four and band-mate John Paul White, who said "Most of the time I'll say just have your child and strap in and hold on. You're going to try to keep them from dying, especially with boys. Round all edges off of (furniture). It's just such an instant thing and so you can read about everything and that's great, but honestly: Just know your instincts are going to be right."