SEX + The City writer/director MICHAEL PATRICK KING has ruled out reports he kills off Chris Noth's MR. BIG in the new movie, insisting he'd be a wanted man if he did what rumours suggest.
King has refused to rule out a shock death in the film, but he's keen to end rumours that Mr. Big loses his life.
He says, "Kill Mr. Big? I would have been chased around the planet by women with torches.
"I did want an emotional roller-coaster, but my ultimate target was to make our girlfriends, our audience happy. And I don't think Mr. Big dying would make them happy.
"I had somebody who was very big in the fashion business and one of her pitches to me was, 'Mr. Big should die!' I think people wanted it to be more than cocktails and jokes.
"People thought, 'If you come back, come back with a big story, but, somehow, this rumour got started that somebody died in the movie."