SEX + The City star Chris Noth is looking to move his The Cutting Room nightclub from New York to Las Vegas after falling out with his landlord.
The actor, who plays Mr. Big on the big and small screen, insists scaffolding that has surrounded the entrance to his hip club is ruining business, but his landlord won't remove it.
And, after a messy split with the club's investors, Noth now feels it's time for a change.
He tells WENN, "When I started out in 1998, I was one of many partners, who we had to buy out because they were thieves and rogues.
"Now my partner Steve Walter and I need to get out of that location and we're having a hard time trying to find investors to move up to a much nicer, bigger place.
"We can't make money anymore in that size of a space and also the street is terrible. Our landlords kept that scaffolding over the club for I don't know how many years; he's a total crook and it's been there like seven years.
"We need an investor out there and I want to take the club to Vegas. I think a Cutting Room would be great in Vegas. I just haven't really had the time to go out there and schmooze people and try to get them to invest millions of dollars."