The Cars founder Elliot Easton is convinced the group's legacy won't be ruined by former bandmates who refused to take part in a reunion tour this summer (06) - because he spent two years making sure everyone was OK with his plans. Easton and Greg Hawkes are the only original members in THE NEW CARS, but he insists ex-bandmates Ric Ocasek and David Robinson and the estate of late vocalist Ben Orr have all given their blessing to the project. The guitarist promises fans there will be no THE DOORS-like scandal, which saw drummer JOHN DENSMORE sue his former bandmates for reforming and force them to drop The Doors from their name. Easton says, "The difference between this project and that one is I don't believe they (The Doors founders Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek) really got permission and worked it out with the other members and the estates of those involved. "We've come to a mutually satisfactory agreement with all parties. We're not going forward in this blindly... We're not going off half-cocked." Last year (05), Densmore forced Manzarek and Krieger's touring band DOORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY to ditch their name and hit the road as RIDERS OF THE STORM after insisting they weren't The Doors without him and late singer Jim Morrison.