The Cardigans singer Nina Persson refuses to begrudge the commercial failings of her band's last two albums - because the resulting smaller-scale tours have been the most rewarding of her career. The Swedish band rocketed to prominence in the mid-1990s when their tune Lovefool was used on the soundtrack to the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring blockbuster Romeo + Juliet. However, their latest LPs - 2003's Long Gone Before Daylight and 2005's Super Extra Gravity - have flopped comparatively. While Persson appreciates the financial benefits of big album sales, she's happier performing in venues with smaller crowd capacities. She says, "We've experienced what it's like to have massive commercial success, but I don't know if life was better then. I've had more fun touring on the last two tours. "I'd like more money, but what's the price you pay for the money? I thought our last two albums were our best but that wasn't reflected in sales. I just make them, though. I don't second-guess people."