Review of You're Like A Woman Single by The Broken Family Band

The Broken Family Band
You're Like A Woman
Single Review

The Broken Family Band You're Like A Woman Single

This close knit Cambridgeshire quartet is extending their ambitions. They proffer a Johnny Cash oiled country/Americana grinder of a single that picks up pace a la Cracker, to deliver forceful dual vocals and first date nerve tackling lyrics to expand their net. 'Your Like A Woman' is the opening song from their ranging third album 'Balls'. In a neat touch, a glimpse of their fuzzy guitar led past is included by the inclusion of 'Gavin's Dead', taken from the 2004 full-length 'Jesus Songs' and a horn solo helps the chilling effect projected by the tale, clandestinely told by Steve Adams. New song 'Poor Little Thing' skips playfully alongside another modern band Aberfeldy, to bring a summery folk styled accompaniment that shrouds a woe begotten tale, concluding a fresh offering.

Rating; 7/10

David Adair

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